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    If you could snap your fingers and make a wish to improve the IT services you currently use, what would your wish be?


      SolutionsIT is always interested building good people great careers.  If this is what you want, then


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      Why should you join SolutionsIT?

      • SolutionsIT builds careers.   Join a team of 20 like-minded technical people who will give you the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to contribute.
      • You’ll have access to the newest technology.
      • You’ll be encouraged and receive the support needed to earn professional certifications, making you more knowledgeable and valuable within the industry.
      • We hire only the best people who help make our company awesome. Our employees are uniquely positioned to help drive growth, creating new opportunities for the entire team.
      • You won’t need to leave SolutionsIT to advance your career. Our best people stay with us and grow with us.
      • We offer a competitive salary and benefits, certification testing reimbursement, and more.
      • Our company’s culture is built on the foundation of integrity, teamwork, passion for exceeding our customers’ expectations, a strong sense of urgency (what we call TNT or “today not tomorrow”) and having fun!

      What is it like to work at SolutionsIT?

      While we are an IT firm, we focus on delivering more than Technology to our clients. Please read over the contents of our website to see more about who we are.

      At SolutionsIT we believe in an apprenticeship model of employment where we look for people with the aptitude and character that we feel will work well for servicing our clients. When we find the right kind of person, we train them and develop their skillset through hard work and continuous development over time. As a result, we are less concerned with what you know at this present moment. Instead, we are more concerned with where you desire to go and that you have the soft skills that we can help you build on in order to get there in a way that benefits you, our clients, your teammates and our company. This apprenticeship model requires a lot of hard work for all parties and is not for everyone but, if you are looking to learn from some great people and want to be someone that trains others, we very well may be the place for you!

      We know that a job posting is often a daunting list of things that the “ideal candidate” should and must have…the reality is that the person referenced is fictitious.  We try to manage the tension in our postings to give you an idea of the actual job and the obvious.  As the obvious is often ignored as every company says they are looking for, essentially, the same thing. Yes, we want you to have an education. Yes, we want you to be able to write. Yes, we want you to be a team player. Yes, yes, yes…you’ve heard all of this before. What you know and have done is important and we want you to help us understand what you have done that qualifies you for what we need. That said, your past is only one part of what we are looking at. We are far more concerned with where you are going than what you have done. We want to hire people that are capable of learning, want to learn, desire to serve others, are driven to grow, get our culture and can handle a variety of tasks. If that is you, please help us understand how that plays out in your life. If that isn’t you, don’t bother listing your credentials as they don’t really matter much.

      If you think this is the kind of place you’d like to work and you think you can provide a benefit to the company, please confirm you interest and email your resume’ to email hidden; JavaScript is required

      Apply by email with attached resume please