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    If you could snap your fingers and make a wish to improve the IT services you currently use, what would your wish be?

      Load Line Manufacturing


      Load Line Manufacturing in Winkler, Manitoba had an aging surveillance system.  They realized that they needed to upgrade their system but wanted to do this in a fiscally responsible way.  Their location consists of two large shops, a wash bay, showroom, and large yard.  Load Line wanted to have good coverage of the yard to keep track of their truck inventory as well as in the shops.   It was also important to them to be able to capture license plates, and their yard setup made it a requirement to be able to do so from a distance of 175 feet.


      Load line decided to go with a two tiered approach.  When their old DVR failed,  a video encoder was installed in conjuction with a Network Video Recorder,  laying the groundwork for converting to IP cameras in the future.  This way Load Line was able to use their existing analogue cameras with an IP  based system.

      About a year later, when several analogue cameras had quit working,  the decision was made to replace the old cameras with new IP cameras.  In order to reduce camera cabling,  Axis P3707-PE cameras were used outside to cover the large yard.  An Axis Q-series camera was aimed at the driveway.  Axis M-series cameras were used to monitor the shops, wash bay, and showroom.


      Load Line Manufacturing can now monitor the yard and get a good description of the vehicles that are coming onto the yard.  In most instances, they are able to capture a license plate on the vehicle coming onto the yard.  They are also able to monitor the cameras off-site.  This system also allows them to expand in the future.