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      Morden Access Event Centre


      Morden Access Event Centre is a multi-purpose facility located in Morden, Manitoba. It is a facility that has two hockey rinks, business meeting rooms, a community hall with stage, the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. In 2013, management at the centre was having a lot of trouble with vandalism and theft. Their aging analogue surveillance system was not helping solve these problems, so they asked SolutionsIT for their recommendations given the budget that was in place.


      Given the size of the building and the numerous areas that needed to be covered, SolutionsIT suggested that they install an IP-based surveillance system. We used most of the cameras from the old system by installing a video encoder and plan to add new IP cameras as the budget allows over the coming years. We chose a NUUO Network Video Recorder because of its scalability and compatibility with a wide range of camera manufacturers. Due their ruggedness and durability, as well as the quality of video capture, we chose Axis cameras. High throughput HP POE switches were implemented to manage the video traffic coming from the cameras. In areas where backlight was going to be an issue, cameras with wide dynamic range were installed. To date, 25 new Axis cameras have been installed covering various trouble areas around the building.


      The Access Event Centre has realized a significant drop in vandalism and when something does happen they are able to go back to the video and provide the police with a video that clearly identifies the people involved. The staff is able to monitor the facility from their offices as well. Over the years, the only problems that have come up are hard drive failures in the recorder. That is to be expected, and we resolve this issue quickly. There have been no issues with the switches or the cameras. The staff is pleased with the effectiveness and quality of the solution and plan to expand the coverage even more over the coming years.