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If you could snap your fingers and make a wish to improve the IT services you currently use, what would your wish be?

Managed Services

Many businesses operate in the “Break/Fix”
Scenario. That being, use your computer
until it unexpectedly crashes which prompts
you to call for repairs. This results in downtime
and likely data loss which can be very costly.
You likely don’t operate your car this way so
why would you manage your business this way?

An Essential Managed Service arrangement with SolutionsIT is an easy transition from a “Break/Fix” arrangement, providing a taste of enterprise level service.

You’ll be introduced to:
• Predictable monthly costs
• Risk reduction
• A fully documented network
• Rapid response
• Network monitoring
• Consistent functionality and service

Control to forecast your IT expenses
• A dedicated Account Manager
• Business level recommendations for projects and equipment upgrades.

SolutionsIT offers service options to enhance the health of your network. These options provide calculated ingredients to ensure your network diet has a balance of preventative and sustainable elements. The constant foundation of our service is the discipline of following our processes, ensuring that we don’t cut corners to enable you to maximize productivity while enhancing security. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, you probably can’t afford not invest in the future of your business.

To explore this option, call 204-325-1006 for a free consultation with Wes Ens.
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