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    If you could snap your fingers and make a wish to improve the IT services you currently use, what would your wish be?

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      Tim Suderman

      Head of Sales and Marketing | Diamond Doors

      Chris Muc

      Vice-President of Operations | Modu-loc

      When I first contacted you, our company was in the midst of a crisis.

      Modu-loc Fence Rentals has grown considerably over the last several years to a national scale and operating in nearly every province. We currently have 16 locations and over 100 people requiring computer, cell phone, and/or network support.

      Like many small to medium sized companies, we were heavily reliant on a single IT manager to ensure our networks and systems remained functioning. We knew that we had outgrown the need and skill set for a single person to be able to manage things effectively.

      Then, the IT manager decided to leave our company with very little notice.

      Within 2-3 weeks, you and your team immediately assessed our short-term challenges and set in place a plan to meet them with exceptional execution.

      A year later things are running seamlessly, and we have quickly realized the benefits of trading up from having just one IT person.

      As a result of the change, we are no longer handcuffed to one person, and our IT requirements stifled by one person’s limitations. Instead, we now have a diverse team of dedicated professionals each with their own expertise who have been able to handle any situation.

      I would recommend SolutionsIT services to any potential customer and would be happy to provide them with any information they need.