Which is better for your business, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet?

Which is better for your business, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet?

With so many online communication tools available, choosing the right one for your business can be daunting. But two platforms stand out in terms of functionality and ease of use: Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. So, which platform is right for you? Call features Microsoft Teams’ paid version supports up to 300 participants per meeting, […]

The 5 most common data backup solutions

The 5 most common data backup solutions

For any business, data is more than just information; it’s an invaluable asset that drives decision-making and strategy. Losing data can result in massive setbacks and even threaten the very existence of your organization. This is where data backup solutions come into play — they provide a way to securely store and retrieve important data […]

What to consider when selecting an MSP

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When it comes to running their company, one thing business owners often overlook is IT management. This is because they mistakenly assume they can handle IT on their own. But in reality, they’re better off outsourcing their IT requirements to a managed IT services provider (MSP). What is an MSP? An MSP is a company […]

Busting Four Popular Cybersecurity Myths

Img featured Busting Four Popular Cybersecurity Myths

As the business world becomes increasingly digitized, you’ll have to tackle several dangers that come with doing business online. Cybercriminals nowadays have several methods to target organizations, from credential hacks to sophisticated ransomware attacks. This is why it’s critical to think about measures to protect your organization in every possible way. If you are unfamiliar […]

How an IT Service Provider Can Help With Cyber Insurance

Img featured How an IT Service Provider Can Help With Cyber Insurance

When looking for cyber insurance for your small business, you may find it hard to navigate technology and insurance jargon. There are even different types of cyber coverage and you might not be sure what you need because you’re not a cybersecurity expert. Plus, once you do have coverage, there’s always the risk of not […]


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Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to your business today. That’s right—just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean cybercriminals will look past your company. Since hackers know you won’t have the resources or security precautions larger enterprises would have, they might even be more interested in targeting you. Fortunately, cybersecurity tools and cyber […]

Don’t Fall for These Cyber Insurance Myths

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As the world increasingly moves online, so do the risks to our businesses. Cyber insurance is one way to help your business recover following a cyberattack. It covers financial losses caused by events such as data breaches, cyber theft, ransomware and more. Cyber insurance can be beneficial in many ways since it typically covers the […]

 Balancing a Proactive and Reactive Approach to Cyber Incidents

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A cyber incident is a type of security event that can harm a business like yours. Ranging from data breaches and system failures to malware attacks and phishing scams, these incidents can hinder productivity, revenue growth and customer satisfaction. In most cases, a cyber incident will result in data loss or downtime. This can include […]

Sorting Through Cyber Insurance

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Cyber Security Insurance – Manitoba Law Firms If your firm is like many other firms in Manitoba, the cyber security requirements may seem unfamiliar to you.  The goal of this document is to help you understand: a) Why these new initiatives are being introduced b) What actions are required to stay compliant with cyber insurance […]