Protection for your premises, physical assets, and employees

Is your place of business as secure as your servers?

The age of the cloud has provided advances in cybersecurity, but also new ways to keep an eye on your physical business. New developments in surveillance have expanded usage into many different areas. SolutionsIT offers cutting-edge solutions for monitoring, training, traffic counting, license plate tracking, crime protection, and more. All of these next-gen, internet-based surveillance solutions come with remote viewing standard, and can be utilized to turn your cameras into traffic counters, statistics generators, alarm sensors, or communication devices.

We also provide installation and support for alarm and access control systems. These systems integrate with our surveillance solutions to create a complete monitoring service. You can see who is coming and going in your building, in real time, via email or text message. Access control systems, then easily control where visitors and employees are authorized to go. In addition to protecting assets, you can eliminate physical key management altogether, and use the data generated by entry logs to assist with payroll or track after-hours access.

Testimonial from Muellers Gym

“Muellers Gym installed 6 security cameras at the time of their opening in 2016.     Muellers Gym is a 24/7 access facility and the cameras really help with peace of mind for the owners.     There have only been a few technical issues in the last 6 years and quite often can be rectified remotely.    We have been very pleased with the service we have received from Solutions and their Technicians.”    


With Security & CCTV Systems from SolutionsIT You Get:

With our modern cloud-powered security systems, your assets and people will be as protected as your data, and you’ll get value-added tools to increase efficiency and productivity