Structured Cabling

Expert design services for your physical office network

Did you know that a poorly planned and implemented network can cost you a bundle?

How a physical network is laid out, connected, and maintained has a tangible effect on your bottom line. Tangled cables and crowded server rooms cause safety risks, and inefficient cabling reduces network speeds and productivity while increasing energy and cooling costs. It may seem like small change at first, but it adds up over time as problems compound and make things worse.
A network designed right (the first time) and optimized by the professionals at SolutionsIT will ensure that you can keep costs low and efficiency high for years to come, and facilitate future expansion. Whether it’s a new construction or just a renovation, we can make sure all of your cabling is installed efficiently and unobtrusively to your exacting specifications. Your data, voice, wireless, and server network components will be organized and optimized so you can have a tidy workplace that is safe and cost-effective.

With Structured Cabling from SolutionsIT You Get:

Network construction requires detailed planning, and it’s important that it’s done right the first time. Don’t take safety and efficiency for granted. Let SolutionsIT design and implement the perfect network for your organization.