Who We Are​

We exist to help our clients thrive with technology and maximize its potential for their benefit

Our Story

SolutionsIT came to be when two experienced, independent IT companies joined forces to take themselves and their clients to the next level. Mega Computers and Heartland Solutions, both IT leaders in their regions, had been in the IT business since 1991 and 1987 respectively. Over the years they shared clients and resources on a friendly basis in an effort to handle more types of services, more clients, and a larger physical region. The two companies soon realized that there were far more opportunities for growth if they joined together, for themselves and their clients.
Their operations formally merged in 2012 and SolutionsIT was born. Since our inception, we’ve committed to being a leader in the field of managed service. On day one we began to completely reinvent our IT services in a modern way, going beyond traditional break/fix technology services that had been the norm in the industry.
Today, SolutionsIT services clients from coast to coast, with 47 knowledgeable and helpful team members spread across three locations. Our services have grown to include all things IT, such as VoIP telephony, surveillance and security, privately hosted services, and cloud services, just to name a few. Our depth allows us to be an exceptionally valuable resource on all fronts, from IT planning to installation to ongoing maintenance.
Our roots as a small, personable service provider are still with us, and they continue to drive us to excel at relationships. In our 30+ year history, we have never forgotten that our business is really about people — people who use technology. Our passion is driving our clients to success by helping them focus on what they do well, ensuring that their technology is right for them, and doing whatever it takes to keep their operations running smoothly.

Our Core Values

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Our value is driven by quality.   We support our clients with the highest standards and are motivated to go beyond expectations.

Our outstanding communication creates clarity and elevates the good to the great.

We insist in all we do that we will work to build and maintain trust. We recognize that it takes years to build trust and minutes to break it.  

Our clients require us to be consistent. We are committed to building and constantly evaluating our processes, understanding that process gives us consistency and reevaluation gives us the ability to improve. 

We are driven by results.  Everyone is here to help our clients thrive.

Why SolutionsIT?

How does your IT services provider prevent problems from happening in your network? In most cases, IT companies have a reactive approach to problem prevention. Their automated monitoring system picks up a problem and then they either fix it or recommend that you change it. Which is good, right? The other method is that they wait until something breaks before recommending that it be changed.
The problem with this method is that they set up the monitoring system, and not the company that supplied the tool. The monitoring software company gives you the tool but doesn’t set it up for you. So, you rely on the ability of your company to ensure that the system is configured correctly, to pick up relevant issues, and avoid false alerts. The monitoring system takes time and effort to maintain, and occasionally it has bugs that need addressing. Unfortunately, most IT companies don’t have the bandwidth to attend to the monitoring system, as they are too busy working on support tickets. SolutionsIT assigns technicians to maintain our tools overnight. This frees up our techs to work more efficiently on service tickets during the day; when you need their help the most.
The reactive IT company might fix your issues fast, but should you have had the problem in the first place? How much did it really cost when you and your staff were unable to work? SolutionsIT takes a different approach. We have dedicated technicians who don’t work on the support desk or install servers. They focus solely on identifying problems and preventing issues from arising.

So, ask yourself this: does your current IT company have someone dedicated solely to preventing problems before they happen? If the answer is “no” or even “I don’t know,” it’s time to contact us.

SolutionsIT has a separate process and a dedicated role focused on identifying risks and making sure your system is aligned with the SolutionsIT Standard. These are settings and configurations from companies like Microsoft that comply with industry best practices. We make recommendations to mitigate risks, which helps us to confront problems before they happen. This approach ensures that your staff remains productive, while enjoying a high level of computer availability.
Cybersecurity is also key to keeping your resources available and risks low. Because things are always changing, standing still is not an option. You must keep up to date and on top of your security at all times. Don’t believe that because you have good antivirus software and a great firewall that you are covered. Sorry, that’s only the start of it. There is much more to be managed when it comes to cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity is an essential part of your success as an organization. If you’re hit by ransomware and suffer a data breach, the potential fines and the reputational damage that you could experience is likely enough to materially affect your company or organization. How do you ensure that you have done as much as you can, without returning to pen and paper or locking the system down to the extent that you can’t work? Training, process, and insurance.
SolutionsIT will ensure your cybersecurity guidelines cover more than just antivirus software and firewalls. Your guidelines will also cover policies and procedures for loss prevention and risk mitigation, and we’ll review everything regularly to make certain your security posture stays current with emergent threats.

If you’re still uncertain about partnering with SolutionsIT for your IT services, please contact us. We’d love the opportunity to explain further and answer any questions you might have.