Responsive, effective support that keeps your business on track

How much time and money are you losing because of IT outages?

Beyond the headaches and stress, technology disruptions also mean lost productivity for your business. This translates into a loss in revenue. If you’re relying on overworked employees or a traditional break/fix IT support provider, you are likely still losing productivity. You’re waiting too long for problems to be fixed, and since by-the-hour IT support technicians aren’t incentivized to fix the root of your issues, you may/often experience these issues over and over again. SolutionsIT uses a refined process to service you better.
Not only do you pay an affordable, flat rate for our expert IT support, but we also focus on process-driven solutions that address the cause of IT outages so that they do not reoccur. You pay the same amount regardless of how many issues we fix, so our goal is to provide maximum IT availability. Our experienced and certified IT support technicians know that your success is our success, so we do whatever it takes to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.
Thorough documentation reduces time spent fixing known problems and reduces time spent locating and accessing IT assets.

Sophisticated remote access systems often eliminate travel time and on-site disruption.

With IT Support from SolutionsIT You Get:

Get the peace of mind that only comes from knowing IT problems can’t slow down your work for long. Partner with SolutionsIT for IT support and focus on your core business while our veteran technicians handle all your technology issues.